Our team of experienced experts covers the key areas of a development team; pre-clinical, clinical, CMC, regulatory affairs and project management. In addition, we provide support in the field of marketing, business development, out-licensing and interim management. As we integrate all required expertise, we are the one-stop-shop to support your development program.


keywords: study development, project management, translational

As experts in clinical trial development and project management, we strive to develop and effectuate complete... Read more


keywords: Toxicology, toxicokinetics, ADME

Our non-clinical team has years of experience in designing and facilitating efficient, cost-effective drug development. We can... Read more


keywords: drug formulation, manufacturing, market introduction

Throughout the process of CMC, we have been able to demonstrate strong supportive and integrative skills in... Read more

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Regulatory Affairs

keywords: dossier preparation, due diligence, submission strategy

The practical and skilled approach of our RA team ensures our clients a comprehensive road to... Read more

Interim/Project Management

keywords: business strategy, tailored management, gap-analysis

Whether you are looking for start-to-finish stage project management or temporary provision of management... Read more

Current: EMA Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE)

keywords: PDE, EMA, ICHQ3D

The deadlines for implementing your Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) reports are approaching quickly (June 2016 for new marketing authorization... Read more

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