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We treat our clients’ projects as if they are our own. We strive to maintain a close relationship with our clients where we value open and honest communication in order to provide high quality, tailored solutions. Together we achieve more. That is why we assembled the best team partnered with our clients to integrate all the required expertise. In order to do so, we combine in-house expertise with external KOLs. We look beyond borders and connect all relevant parties, ranging from patients to investors, from academia to pharma.

From A to Z

We provide all core expertise needed to take a drug development program from A to B or from A to Z, if required. Whether you are looking for a complete development program design or temporary replacement, we find solutions for any challenge.

Combining decades of experience in drug development has led to the fact that today 3D-PharmXchange has a well-known reputation for combining our experience in the industry with scientific expertise and our mission is clear; to partner with you from early on to the very end.

Industry Expertise

As a well-known player in the drug development landscape, we have partnered with an abundance of companies with products ranging from small molecules to modern-day ATMPs.

Additionally, all our staff are industry seasoned professionals making us a partner that’s known for:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Familiarity with the industry’s processes
  • Internal flexibility to deliver tailored expertise

Scientific Expertise

The people at 3D-PharmXchange are all experts in their own fields. On top of this, they are all professionals who work well in teams, maximizing their unique competences and creating value proposition that sets us apart from the competition.

Without exception, they have professional and scientific expertise that allow them to:

  • Set up feasible development plans
  • Listen critically and identify GAPs
  • Create added value in your drug development

Dedicated to accelerating Drug Development

As a company, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and offer them an optimal balance of expertise, experience, and continuous improvement. Working with 3D-PharmXchange means working with a motivated team that is Dedicated to accelerating Drug Development.

1. Dedicated | We are dedicated to our clients
We always show dedication to our work. Whether we are asked to advise a growing biotech in their strategy or act as a program lead in an established pharmaceutical company, we become part of your team, a partner. We realize that together we achieve more. And that is why we assemble the best team together with our clients to integrate and optmize all the expertise you need to bring your product to patients.

2. Drug | From Small Molecule To ATMP
Years of experience have lead to the fact that our inhouse capabilities and knowledge that stretches from classic small molecules to modern biologicals, ATMPs, and oligosense nucleotides. The common divider in our work is that we specialize in drug products and we believe it is this focus that differentiates us from the competition.

3. Development | All Throughout Development
Our way of working as consultants means joining a team at the start and sticking with it until the end. The greatest benefits can be made by collaborating strategically early on in development and by working towards a shared goal together. One team, one goal.

Did you know?