A Decade Of Drug Development

Where It Started

“We can help companies better by being a smart, independent specialist in the service of drug development”, that was, after solid careers at various Pharma companies concluded by Ronald van der Geest, Inez de Greef, and then Lars Bastiaanse, withdrew ten years ago. Consultancy specialist 3D-PharmXchange was founded. Success and growth prove the need.

Ronald van der Geest
Ronald van der Geest

In Riel (Brabant), in an attic room, that’s where the trio started with three customers: a start-up, one restarter, and a large pharmaceutical company.

Lars left after two years, and in 2016, François van Och took office. The company moved to a pleasant office in Tilburg, and one year later, they opened a second location at the Bioscience Park (now Pivot park) in Oss. The number of employees has grown almost continuously ever since. In short, as said, the success and growth of 3D-PharmXchange prove the need.

Let’s go back to the establishment. What experiences were the basis for this? “We saw that in the market, several companies were working on CRO services and more strategic project management combined”, Ronald explains. “In that approach, we saw the necessary shortcomings. By our specialization in strategic project management, we got closer to the customer and the project. We were genuinely credible in our aim to think and handle the importance of the project.

A greater synergy arose between the disciplines and more intensive cooperation with the parties that we worked for. The exchange of knowledge (The name 3D-PharmXchange refers to a reason to exchange pharmaceutical knowledge) was optimized. That came time, quality, and costs for the better (the three dimensions to which 3D refers). In this way, we were a fully committed drug development department. The possibilities became wider. We could design development programs smarter and fastened them. In some cases, we had such development almost entirely under control.”

Smart Study Design

The acceleration from drug to patient/market introduction is getting a more controversial issue in pharma. How does 3D-PharmXchange handle this? “Every company is unique and makes unique choices. Because we are close to the customer, we know the company and the product. Often we get questions on what options there are. We show different scenarios involving quality and safety, which are, of course, important. For example, due to a smart study design, alternatives are available to work faster. Studies can sometimes run in parallel, or we combine studies and work together smartly. We call that SMART DESIGN. That has the most effect in early clinical studies. That is also the area where the knowledge and expertise 3D-PharmXchange comes into its own: in making intelligent choices in the pre-clinical and early clinical stage of development.

Continued Growth

“Growth characterizes the company. It makes sense it is a permanent issue to find good people. ‘Yes, that’s right, “Ronald and François agree. “And that’s all the more important because the quality of our personnel determines success. Right, highly qualified professionals are scarce. But we also have smart ways in this segment found to find these people anyway. We are very selective in working with (HR) partners. Furthermore, an extensive network has been built up from people with unique skill sets and validated CROs. Over the years, the development partners we have selected are established parties and know our wishes and requirements. Finding qualified personnel will continue to be a significant factor in the coming years because, with the advent of the EMA and its growth strategy, which we started two years ago with our advisers, we see an increase in work. We are therefore looking at a 3rd location in the area from EMA / Amsterdam.”