Ronald van der Geest shares his experience as a speaker

Fast-track drug development: taking the highway or the roundabout?

Ronald van der Geest
Ronald van der Geest

In a race against time, costs and competitors, the pharmaceutical industry finds itself at a crossroads. As the world demands faster drug development, scientists embarking on product development are faced with a crucial decision: do we take the highway or the roundabout?
Join us as we dive into the exciting world of accelerated drug development, where every choice carries the weight of countless lives.
Will they find the shortcuts to innovative cures or get lost in the maze of regulations and risks?
Is it possible to find a balance between speed and demanding regulations in the development of new drugs while maintaining the highest quality standards?

Get ready for an exciting talk, where innovation meets uncertainty and the path to a medical revolution takes unexpected turns.

The development of new medicines is a complex and time-consuming process that demands substantial resources. From the initial discovery of a working molecule to its administration to patients, the timeline spans over 10 years and costs more than 2.5 billion dollars. The clinical phase alone takes up more than 7 years, if one is fortunate enough…

This protracted development and approval process not only incurs exorbitant expenses but also hampers the rapid integration of new treatments.

However, the current landscape presents numerous approaches to expedite the drug development process. Parallelization of development, candidate selection, organs-on-a-chip, and even detailed digital twins for predicting molecule effects on humans prior to real-world application are among the innovative techniques being explored.

Ronald will delve into these diverse approaches for accelerated drug development. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and streamlining regulatory processes, we will uncover strategies capable of significantly reducing the time required to develop new medicines.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider the implications of this acceleration. Are there inherent risks associated with taking shortcuts on the path to drug approval?

During the event, we will engage in discussions surrounding both the potential benefits and the safety and ethical challenges that arise from adopting the “fast track” in drug development.

Join us at “From Molecule to Business,” an event where you can submerge yourself completely in the captivating realm of pharmaceutical research. Come and explore the boundless possibilities of striking a harmonious balance between speed and rigor in the development of new drugs, guided by the expertise of esteemed professionals in the field.

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