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2023 Conferences & Events


3D-PharmXchange will be attending, exhibiting and/or presenting at the following conferences and events in 2023: Click on the event name for more information. Event Date(s) Location Exhibitor/Attendee World ADC March 13-16 London Attendee Bioprocessing Summit Europe March 14-16 Barcelona Attendee Dutch ATMP Summit March 15 Amsterdam Attendee DIA Europe March 22-24 Basel Attendee Innovation for continue reading…

Cell Therapy: Towards a First-in-Human Trial

Steven Braem

The proof-of-concept studies have shown promising results and bring a therapy a step closer to the clinic. But what is needed before this therapy can show its efficacy in a clinical trial? Cell therapy is a promising treatment, but its development is challenging due to its complex technology and the regulatory framework in which it continue reading…

Drug Development Strategy: The Treeway Story


The valley of death is often mentioned when talking about drug development. It’s the place where most biotech companies do not survive. Not Treeway, a small Dutch biotech company that made it to the other side. A drug development strategy is a well-designed and dynamic process, which is performed by most companies in stages. From continue reading…