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Evaluation of drug safety does not start at candidate nomination: Create value by de-risking early

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Drug development is a daunting and difficult task where all the puzzle pieces need to click to result in an efficacious and safe treatment for patients. It is a high-risk endeavor involving many different scientific and non-scientific disciplines over a long period of time. The current estimates to develop a drug are about 2.3 Billion continue reading…

How Is The Minipig Used In Drug Development?

Drug Development

The Göttingen Minipig was developed at the University in Göttingen, Germany to meet the demand for a non-rodent model with many similarities to humans as genetic management is required to minimise inbreeding and drift and to maintain the genetic integrity of the population. The genetics for the entire breeding population is still managed in Göttingen continue reading…

How To Create Science-Based PDEs

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The 4 pivotal questions you have on PDEs answered: A shared concern on how to create scientifically-based PDEs. From a safety perspective, all companies with multifunctional pharmaceutical and chemical production facilities must be able to adequately determine cleaning limits and permitted daily exposures (PDEs) by characterizing the effects of possible cross-contamination in the non-intended patient continue reading…